Hydroponic in Container

We are specialists in building commercially successful container farms with vertical H-shaped hydroponics systems with round PVC or N.F.T. Square Pipes.

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Hydroponic Farming in Container

Indoor Vertical h frame hydroponic farm setup. The indoor hydroponics farm method is a type of controlled environment agriculture which allows you to grow various types of leafy greens and vine crops much more densely than any other outdoor form, where you can save water use by up to 90%, requires 80 to 95 per cent less area, and produce all year round.

Kryzen Biotech is a most recognised brand in the Indian Hydroponics Industry. We install and set up Turnkey Indoor Hydroponics Project Development that allows you to avail the benefits of a completely automated farm with year-round production.

More food in less area
Compared to growing food inside city with help of Indoor vertical flatbed NFT system we can grow more food in very less area.
Grow anywhere
We can now grow our food anywhere with help of Indoor vertical flatbed. Growing fresh food in center of city, it's possible now.
No polutants
Growing our food free from not only pests but from pollutants is now possible with Indoor Vertical farming.
Super crops
Not only our daily crops but we can grow super-crops or very high cash crops with controlled envronment.
Our Process In Few Steps
Building Commercially Successful Hydroponic Farm

Checking Site Feasibility

Along with you, we help you identify a site location to set up our hydroponic project. We consider locality, levelling of land, examine electricity and water also gather basic information of surrounding that can help us test feasibility.

Construction of Farmsite

Once financial feasibility is analysed we start working on the Construction of the Project. Based on site feasibility and market research we choose between NVPH or Fan-Pad system and also hydroponic system between NFT or Dutch Bucket.

Automation, Farm Management & IoT

Once construction is completed, we work on automating the farm using IoT devices as well as integrating with farm management. At this stage, we also start training your field team to make sure we continuously grow high quality produce.

Contract + Marketing Your Produce

Once our field team is ready and the complete farm is automated, Our team of agronomists, sales and planning starts working on the contract and set a marketing mechanism for your farm, with a schedule of crops.

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Kryzen Biotech welcomes you to connect with our experts and gain insights on how you can set up a profitable commercial hydroponics farm in your own space. Gain maximum output and get maximum ROI for your investment.

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