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A core focus/key component of our business model is playing across the value chain of specific product types we work with. To take things one step forward for you, We connect you with sourcing companies and assist you in selling your produce.

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A simple, risk free and profitable program perfect for people looking to engage in Agriculture but don’t have the knowledge, capacity or time to explore and find market for produce. We provide all the tools and help you handle all management necessary for a successful farming operation. With our unique approach to farm setup, we have successfully minimized the hydroponics setup cost

Let's achieve success by partnering.
Wonderful world of Commercial Hydroponics Farming
We are offering a unique farming opportunity for the first time in India with complete forward and backward integration.

Get Excellent ROI
Complete Farm & Crop Management
Sales Management

With help of full automation and farm management software, we forecast demand and just-in-time supply of produce bringing higher ROI than market rates.

With assured connect to buyers,
We are changing the way you grow in a hydroponic journey.

Find a land parcel

You finalize the land parcel where you want to set up the hydroponic farm. Please make sure your land fits our requirements.

We develop the farm

With help of our experienced team, we will set up your hydroponic farm and also implement sensor and AI-based farm automation.

We help you sell

Once the farm setup is done we will help you craft a yearly schedule and help you sell your produce at better market rates.

Complete Farm Automation

With hydroBUILD, we implement a complete Artificial Intelligence-based farm automation system. hydroBUILD continuously manages nutrient uptake and manage water quality based on surrounding conditions.

Farm Management Software

With hydroNEXT, hydroBUILD is linked directly to your farm management software, Where you can track growing, nursery, employee management. Sensor-based data collection will help us forecast your production capacity and plan procurement.

Agriscreener Price watcher

Agriscreener is a price watcher algorithm that keeps track of more than 10,000 commodities across multiple markets. That gives us the flexibility to determine high cash crops that can make the highest ROI for us.

People Trained
SqM Area Developed
Tonnage Yield
Team Size
We drive the transition to more sustainable, reliable & affordable hydroponic systems, Find Your Solution
We drive the transition to more sustainable, reliable & affordable hydroponic systems, Find Your Solution
Finding perfect buyer for your produce made easy and simple.
Power to you
When we are helping you manage your sales front, all you have to do is focus on growing more and more and expand your farm operations.
Be there first
With complete market reach, we are more focused on sellers of the produce in Indian as well as foreign markets. Bringing more ROI to you.
Trully Transforming
Kryzen is complete solution for hydroponic farming. From teaching me about what is hydroponics to setting up my project and helping me finding a buyer for my produce. In last one year Kryzen have really helped me transform my future. Dealing with Kryzen feels friendly and professional at the same time.
Navin Poonacha
Perfect Solution
From helping me finalising the land to installing the polyhouse and then vertical NFT hydroponic setup, they did everything so professionally and perfectly. I strongly recommend Kryzen and their highly motivated team to every person who wants to start hydroponic journey.
Vishal Pandhare
In covid we had to bring down capacity of our existing business of textile. With that we had one of our godown empty. With help of team Kryzen we converted it to indoor hydroponic farm. Now we are growing strawberry in middle of chennai. Everyday at least 2 people visit us to see the miracle of Kryzen at our godown.
Rekha Sawant
Exactly what I was looking for.
Kryzen’s assistance in subject of hydroponic has really helped us to learn in detail and also helped us into setting up our hydroponic farm. We are very much thankful to team Kryzen for taking this task into hands and making hydroponic setup possible at our location, specially when our land is located at remote location and at hilly area.
Ashwin Thombre
Amazing Service
Kryzen is amazing service provider in Hydroponics Farming. From preparing nutrients to arranging and installing the polyhouse setup, they did everything so professionally and perfectly. Thanks Kryzen for setting our hydroponic farm in record time of 30 days.
Apeksha Singh
Beyond Expectation
May Kryzen achieve new and big milestones in coming years, and I know that they will. Their site feasibility study and utmost seriousness into studying the smallest aspect of site and making modifications into system to custom fit the requirement.
Mohan Deshmukh
With the Kryzen team on our side, we are able to adapt Hydroponics with ease and are now growing clean and high-yielding crops at our farm. This cost-effective solution will surely bring revolution in the Agriculture industry. And we are happy that we are part of this revolution.
Lavleen Sahu
Amazing Service!
We were not able to produce anything due to irregular rains. After learning about hydroponic masterclass, we came in contact with Kryzen and in just few months we transformed our farmland to hydroponic. And the land once draining our savings have started making us money. Thanks to team Kryzen for transforming our ancestral farm.
Pooja S. K.
Let’s connect, & discuss our farming solution.
Let's change the perception of farming.

Get better selling opportunities for your product.

Kryzen Biotech welcomes you to connect with our experts and gain insights on how you can set up a profitable commercial hydroponics farm in your own space. Gain maximum output and get maximum ROI for your investment.

Transparent Management
Personalised Solutions
Highest ROI in Industry
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