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This is a deep dive into the secrets of the hydroponics business.
We found this during our journey into hydroponic farming.



Get an In-Person & Deep Understanding of Hydroponics

Get a deeper understanding of the commercial side of hydroponics. Technology is standard but the business practice is not. Learn the good, bad and evils of hydroponics business.


Every location and every situation is different, so the project planning. If you are planning the setup and really want to know the feasibility of the project. Build your custom project report with us at the event.


We are community and not course sellers. Once you enrolled for the event you get lifetime support and access to the knowledgebase. You can ask us anything, we are always just one call or email away.

Hi there! Meet Me.

Sudhir Devkar

Computer Engineer Turned Hydroponic Farmer
I studied in Mumbai and then shifted to Bangalore for my engineering. I have worked in big companies like Nokia, Sapient, and Collpoll. For quite some time, I am successfully growing & enjoying nutritious greens by applying the hydroponic vertical farming technique. Here I am sharing the knowledge & skills which I acquired through spending so many hours of research, experiments & mistakes so that you can avoid all those hassles & have a successful growing experience in a very little amount of time. I am the Co-Founder and CEO of Kryzen Biotech Pvt. Ltd.I head India's largest hydroponic community. and as Kryzen Biotech, we are India's largest hydroponic construction company.



Meetup Schedule

Meetup duration 7 hours
(10:30 AM to 05:30 PM)

Our event will get started at 11:00AM. Doors will open at 10:30AM itself. You can have your hot tea. You will get your handbooks, writing materials, and documents we will need in further discussions.
We know, people will visit us from all different setups and economic or climatic setups. The primary task for us and everyone is to understand everyone's requirement and get everyone on the same page. We do it by set of pre-decided questions. This will also help us encourage everyone to participate in discussion from early phase itself.
Before Starting the discussion on business side, We need to clarify few things in technical understanding of commercial hydroponic project. After this discussion we can learn about technical mistakes people do in setting up hydroponic project that restricts them from breaking even in near future.
No one will tell you upfront the bad and ugly side of hydroponics. Like all other businesses you need to evaluate if hydroponic business is for you or it's not for you. With the proven data sheet and right question answers we will evaluate, if you should plan ahead for this business or not.
After some heavy discussions, it's time to socialize on group lunch. Only thing is we have to rush it here as we are short on time and there is too much ground to cover. in half an hour time we will finish our lunch and start next rounds of discussions.
Hydroponic is relatively new industry in India and the companies working in this domain have done lot of R&D to be here. Along the way there are some common mistakes everyone has done including us because most of them were not intuitive and there are very high chances that you might do them too. We will discuss briefly about them and see how we can avoid it for you.
You might have seen videos of earning 2 lakhs to upto 20 lakhs from hydroponic farm on youtube, in ads on courses, at multiple places. It's time to understand the true income you will derive from your location, your conditions, your crops and and your project. In this discussion we will derive the calculation of true ROI you should expect. The most important ballpark figure to help you realize if this is worth approaching or not.
Once we have clarify the ground reality, technicals, economics and best practices and decided to go ahead with the project. This is the time to understand steps we need to take to build a commercially successful hydroponic project from ground zero. This discussion includes tools we need to writing up the project planning, stages of constructions and streamlining of operations.
With all learning of construction stages, steps and understanding of project. It's time to write up your custom hydroponic project, understand future projections, feasibility and economics with returns on investment. In this discussion we will write a project as guidelines set by reputed Chartered accountant by keeping all aspects in mind.
We had open discussion whole day. But there must be handful of questions you will have in your mind. this entire one hour we will answer each and every questions you have. Our event is likely to end after this so it doesn't matter even this discussion gets stretched out. The important thing is you go home with your every question answered and every doubt resolved.

Commercial Hydroponic Meetup is packed with secret talks,
designed to take things to the NEXT LEVEL!

Why you should attend this?

5 Years of Commercial Growing learning

In this event, you will get 4 years of our commercial growing learning. This conversation is jam-packed with many experiences we had over the years, from how we tackled the hardship of total lockdown to how we cracked some of the biggest suppliers in India including big basket. Learn from our expertise in building an FMCG brand from our own produce and taking it to market.

Blueprint with vetted Facts and proofs

Over the period we have found many facts and principles and working factors which drive the success of building profitable farming operations. And based on this fact we have developed a full-proof blueprint of operations vetted by facts and proofs to build a farm that reaches to fastest ROI in the least amount of time.

Build with Intent for growth

Setting up the hydroponic farm is a different thing and building a fully managed self-operating farm that can generate revenue and grow itself as a business is a different ball game altogether. We are not focused on building a hydroponic farm. We are focused on building Hydroponic Business together. A Business which is designed for growth.

Every step scrutenized

Let it be growing, seed selection Tax filing, let it be fertilizer composition or Choosing a Brand colour. Let it be peristaltic pump cycle logic or selecting tag lines for salad boxes. We have scrutinized every step of the process. And now we invite you to dissect the process and make it more robust, make it strong for everyone.

lifetime support after event

Unlike other events, we do not leave you to hang high and dry. We are here for lifelong relation. You get exclusive chance to join our online program after event is over. You get to join our private forum with lifetime access. You can ask us anything not only week after event but years after the event. We have lifetime support for every question you have and willing to go extra mile to find solution for you.

Designed to make you successful

We have build a successful hydroponic farm. We haven't done it alone. We had team of superstars working with us. And now we are extending the same team to you to make you a success story. We are not limited only to a teaching you hydroponic, we support in manufacturing, we construct projects, we are automation provider, we are agronomist, we are packer and transporter, we do brand building, we develop apps and websites for D2C, we are exporters. We are everything that you need to write your success story.

Get a Certificate of Attendance

A certificate of event completion is required for a bank or NBFC loan, subsidy, or any government-related filing. The additional option of e-verification of the certificate makes sure your certificate can be verified by any official without any delay in any procedure.


Frequently Asked Questions

This is absolute all level event, if you are beginner who doesn’t know about agriculture or hydroponic professional who wants to brush up knowledge of hydroponics this course is for you.

There absolutely nothing you have to carry for the event. You can just walk in and we will provide you everything you will need. 

Two days prior to the event we will email you list of hotels in the vicinity for you to book your stay. This event is one day event and mostly we have scene people plan it as single day travel.

We use Razorpay as our payment gateway to book tickets. Razorpay is used by 50,00,000+ businesses and the most secure online transaction company in india.

We will send you email regarding confirmation of your ticket. You can use this email at the time of entry to event as well.

We keep in touch with you periodically. If you have any doubts you can reach out to us at contact@kryzen.com or give us call at 9870-424-425

We are extremely sorry for keeping this option close. This event needs some homework from our end to be done before starting this event. So we prefer getting prior idea about attendees.

Yes, You can get 100% refund if you change your mind. But you should cancel it before 48 hours of event starts. In last 48 hours we have paid to all other vendors associated with us to carry this event and we won’t be able to provide you refund.

We prefer all attendees should be at least 16+ in age to attend the event. If you kids age is below 16 we would request you not to accompany him or her to the event.

We apologize for this inconvenience. We encourage you to reach out to your bank or UPI partner as further permissions may be needed to complete the payment. You are also welcome to write to contact@kryzen.com for further guidance.

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Currently we are running single session event. So unfortunately we won’t be able to provide you any replacement and change to the booking.

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There is no specific dress code for the event. You can wear what gives you confidence.

We make sure you will get secured gated parking for your vehicle at the venue.

We record event video for review and internal assessment purpose. You can get this video after editing and made available via private channel only to attendees of the event. We mostly take one week time to make this video available to you.

You will get ‘Bluprint of business’, writing pad, pen, project report, information handbook and certificate from us at the event.

Yes you can book multiple tickets for this meet up. on payment page you have option to increase the quantity of seats you want to book. 


This Meet up is limited

As our primary goal from this meetup we want to be available to everyone. We want to answer everyone's questions. We want to be there with everyone. So we have decided to limit this event to only 30 people at a time. This seats are first come first serve basis, so we wouldrequest you to hurry up and book your spot before its filled.



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