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Indoor Hydroponics Farm Setup: Indoor Hydroponics farming instantly solves the issues of geographical constraints and makes produce available near to the customers.

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Energize Society With Sustainable And Reliable Indoor Hydroponic Systems!

We have successfully setup various indoor farms across so many Indian states. We believe that Indoor Hydroponics Farms combat these pressing issues faced by our world that’s witnessing an enormous growth of population.

Hyper-Local Delivery
Hydroponics Farming has massive potential to cater for the demand of a large segment of the population. That too with a continuous supply of fresh and healthy crops.

Beyond Seasons
The limitations posed by the changing climate is not a problem when you are growing food by hydroponics system. In other words, a Controlled Environment Agriculture helps in year round production of different crops at the same farm.

Extra yield per unit area
Save money on utilities or increase the value of your home by installing solar panels as a great option.
Relief from Air Borne Diseases
Understand that we must go above our customer expectations during each interaction always.
Year Round Production
Everyday the sun provides us with an abundance of free energy by placing solar panels on your roof.
Suitable for Rooftops
Our remote industrial solar systems are designed to reliably power our clients critical remote locations.
Reduces Water Evaporation
Our sales engineers on our staff have years of experience and can design any complete solar system.
Less nutrients requirement
Our sales engineers on our staff have years of experience and can design any complete solar system.
We give you the flexibility to assess the models that work best for you.
Our Standard Commercial Models

185SqM / 2000SqFt

No of Plants: 12000
Water Requirement: 5000litters
Phase: Single

370SqM / 4000SqFt

No of Plants: 26500
Water Requirement: 7000litters
Phase: Single

743SqM / 8000SqFt

No of Plants: 55200
Water Requirement: 10,000litters
Phase: Single

1486SqM / 16000SqFt

No of Plants: 1,12,000
Water Requirement: 12,000litters
Phase: Single

The above data is a projection. The actual implementation may vary based on available site dimensions.
Trully Transforming
Kryzen is complete solution for hydroponic farming. From teaching me about what is hydroponics to setting up my project and helping me finding a buyer for my produce. In last one year Kryzen have really helped me transform my future. Dealing with Kryzen feels friendly and professional at the same time.
Navin Poonacha
Perfect Solution
From helping me finalising the land to installing the playhouse and then vertical NFT hydroponic setup, they did everything so professionally and perfectly. I strongly recommend Kryzen and their highly motivated team to every person who wants to start hydroponic journey.
Vishal Pandhare
In covid we had to bring down capacity of our existing business of textile. With that we had one of our godown empty. With help of team Kryzen we converted it to indoor hydroponic farm. Now we are growing strawberry in middle of chennai. Everyday at least 2 people visit us to see the miracle of Kryzen at our godown.
Rekha Sawant
Exactly what I was looking for.
Kryzen’s assistance in subject of hydroponic has really helped us to learn in detail and also helped us into setting up our hydroponic farm. We are very much thankful to team Kryzen for taking this task into hands and making hydroponic setup possible at our location, specially when our land is located at remote location and at hilly area.
Ashwin Thombre
Amazing Service
Kryzen is amazing service provider in Hydroponics Farming. From preparing nutrients to arranging and installing the polyhouse setup, they did everything so professionally and perfectly. Thanks Kryzen for setting our hydroponic farm in record time of 30 days.
Apeksha Singh
Beyond Expectation
May Kryzen achieve new and big milestones in coming years, and I know that they will. Their site feasibility study and utmost seriousness into studying the smallest aspect of site and making modifications into system to custom fit the requirement.
Mohan Deshmukh
With the Kryzen team on our side, we are able to adapt Hydroponics with ease and are now growing clean and high-yielding crops at our farm. This cost-effective solution will surely bring revolution in the Agriculture industry. And we are happy that we are part of this revolution.
Lavleen Sahu
Amazing Service!
We were not able to produce anything due to irregular rains. After learning about hydroponic masterclass, we came in contact with Kryzen and in just few months we transformed our farmland to hydroponic. And the land once draining our savings have started making us money. Thanks to team Kryzen for transforming our ancestral farm.
Pooja S. K.
Let's Step up with Next Generation Farming Techniques!
Commercially Profitable Indoor Hydroponic 30% Cheaper than Market.

We are pioneers in indoor hydroponic growing. With our research and experience, we have managed to bring down the cost of set up by more than 30%.

Since the formation of Kryzen Biotech Pvt Ltd, we had only one thought in our mind. Making CAPEX of hydroponic low and ultimately making hydroponic farming a widely accepted agriculture practice.

Transparent Management
Personalised Solutions
High ROI then Market price
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